Shadow Project Development Update

Developement Update

We’ve been quite busy over the past 2 weeks, working on the PoSv2 merge + SHA-256 enhancements. The PoS v2 merge is going well, and we should soon be upstream from BlackCoin once again.

Once we’re ready, we will start getting everyone ready for the hard fork to PoS v2. We’re having a few issues with the Android wallet, but I’m trying my best to get those sorted. Hopefully if all goes well, next week we will be able to announce a release date for the latest changes and android wallet.

The new android wallet will have the HTML5 interface, as well as the ability to switch between a full node and a lite node. From here onwards we’ll be doing major enhancements to the secure/encrypted messaging, which is required for the marketplace.

We thank you again for our amazing community, and all the effort that is going into this project from all around the world.