Shadow Project Development Update


Update: Tuesday, 20 April 2015

New ShadowCore Client Now Available For Public Testing

Our development team has been hard at work integrating new features into ShadowCore that will better support our upcoming ShadowMarket. In order to best support a P2P marketplace environment the ShadowCore client has been updated to prepare the network to switch from using Proof of Stake to Proof of Stake v2. PoS v2’s revised coin weight calculation encourages greater network stability by not factoring in “coin age”. Therefore saving up coin age is no longer possible so nodes will need to be online more in order to get their stake reward. It’ll involve a move from scrypt to SHA256 which will mean staking requires less processing power (especially helpful for mobile users wishing to stake their coins). The new system is also designed to solve security issues which made PoS v1 coins open to certain theoretical attacks. For more information see Blackcoin’s Proof-of-Stake Protocol v2 white paper.

The upgrade took a great deal of work from the developers (you can view full details of the 230 changed files with 12,219 additions and 8,455 deletions. There’s a summary of the changes in the release notes here

To participate in our public testing phase join the #shadowtesting channel on slack.

ShadowGo Progress Update

We’re currently putting the finishing touches to an upgraded version of our Android wallet. This will give mobile users the full anonymizing functionality of ShadowSend v2. The beta version will be posted in the next few days for a short round of community testing before the full release. Stay tuned for further details.

ShadowMarket Progress Update

Good progress is being made on the Shadow Marketplace. Our developers expect to pick up speed now that all the necessary updates have been made to ShadowCore and a date has been scheduled for the PoS v2 hard fork. We will be working on upgrading ShadowChat for secure messaging, which will be the backbone of the whole market place, using BIP32 addresses for category trees. After that we will be working on anonymous mutltisig transactions. We are aiming to have a beta version ready for public testing and feedback within Q2. ShadowMarket will be the primary focus of our developers and the next feature to be added to the ShadowCore client.

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm,

The Shadow Team
Rynomster (lead developer)