Shadow Project Community Update

Support the Shadow Project in its #FightForPrivacy!

As some of you may know our community has set up a thunderclap campaign to raise more awareness for Shadow Project and the importance of fighting for your own privacy. Over the past 2 weeks we have been asking people to support the campaign by donating social reach using Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. In less than 2 weeks we managed to get a social reach of 1,300,000 people. This is something we should all be really proud of!

Thunderclap contest! Support and win SDC!

In order to reward all supporters the Shadow Community has kindly decided to hold a competition to support the #FightForPrivacy campaign. We have set up a wallet and added price money (SDC) that will be handed out to 5 people that have supported the #FightForPrivacy Thunderclap campaign. At this moment, already more than 2000 SDC has been donated into a donation address. When our Thunderclap message is blasted out we will pick 5 winners from the list of supporters. These winners will all receive a 20% share of the total amount that is on the wallet at that time. This means that everybody who wants to support the campaign can contribute by sending new donations to the wallet makings things more interesting for all supporters. To give new supporters some extra time to support and join the contest we have moved the launch date to the 10th of may.

Please support the campaign and encourage your friends who care about privacy to do the same. Together, we can let the world know how the Shadow Project will help us #FightForPrivacy!


To support the campaign and enter the contest, please visit:

A big thanks and good luck to all supporters!

The Shadow Team