New ShadowCore Client Now Available For Download!


Update: Thursday, 30 April 2015

The testing / fixing phase for PoSv2 has been successfully completed. PoSv2 will give the Shadow network extra security over the longer term as no one will be able to save up enough coinage in order to over-power the network. Although a 51% attack has not been successful on any PoS v1 coin, we opted to upgrade to eliminate theoretical attack vectors before moving on to our next objectives. We’ve also merged in the latest BC codebase and all the code we wanted from the bitcoin codebase, so we are officially up-to-date.

ShadowMarket will be using BIP32 keys for the market categories, so we are moving ahead with the HD wallet development. This will allow us to have tree level categories in messages, so people could subscribe/publish to certain categories. With this release, we’ve generated the BIP32 prefixes, which will be published as soon as we have a working HD wallet.  This is a big step towards the development of the marketplace.


OSX: coming soon
Source code:

Get Ready For POS V2!

ShadowCash will be forking on May 6th to switch to PoS v2. This is a mandatory update, please update as soon as possible!

We would like to thank all participants that helped us during the testing phase and we look forward to hearing about your first experiences.

The Shadow Team
Rynomster (lead developer)