Thunderclap Contest Update

Tuesday, 5th May 2015

To thank all supporters we have set up a competition within the #FightForPrivacy campaign. A donation address (wallet) was set up last week, which allowed all Shadow enthusiasts to donate prize money (ShadowCash) to be handed out to 5 people who have supported the #FightForPrivacy campaign on Thunderclap. At this moment, already more than 4000 SDC has been donated by Shadow community members! When the Thunderclap message is released we will randomly pick 5 winners from the list of supporters. These winners will each receive a 20% share of the total amount that is in the wallet at that time. This means that anyone who wants to support the campaign can contribute by sending new donations to the wallet, making things more interesting for all supporters!

With less than 5 days left until our message is released we encourage everybody to ask all family and friends who care about privacy to support our Thunderclap campaign and join the contest!


On the 10th of May, we will let the world know how the Shadow Project is defending our privacy with technology that has never been created before.

A big thanks and good luck to all supporters!
The Shadow Team