Get Synchronized With The New Bootstrap!


Update: Wednesday, May 6 2015

With the release of our new and improved ShadowCore client yesterday, we now introduce to you our new and improved bootstrap file, which under tests has shown to get your new ShadowCore client completely synchronized in just a few hours!


Bootstrapping is the preferred way to get your ShadowCore client synchronized because the client will validate the blocks for extra security against the network.

Speed Up The Process By Downloading The Blockchain

However for those of you who do not wish to wait you can alternatively “cheat” by downloading and extracting the contents (“blk0001.dat” and “txleveldb”) to your “ShadowCoin” data directory (overwriting the existing “blk0001.dat” file and “txleveldb” directory). If you don’t know where to find your data directory, please refer to the wiki: here. This method should have you synchronized in under 10 minutes. The has been created from the above bootstrap.dat file.

If you are already synchronized, there is no harm in using either of these methods above, as this will give you a “clean” blockchain, which will further help new wallets synchronize quicker.

Have a great weekend,
The Shadow Team