Thunderclap #FightForPrivacy Campaign Completed!

Update: Monday, May 11 2015

We are happy to inform everyone that our Thunderclap was successfully launched on Saturday, May 9 at 18:00 GMT+1. By sending our message through 274 social media accounts we were able to make quite some noise on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. When we set up the #FightForPrivacy Thunderclap our goal was to remind people that privacy is a human right and create more awareness for the Shadow Project. We wanted to show the world how open source projects like Shadow are fighting for privacy with cryptography. Now that our Thunderclap is completed we believe we have done exactly that. Our message reached over 1,380,251 people worldwide creating a huge amount of much needed awareness for privacy and support for the Shadow Project. Over the past month we’ve received a lot of questions, media inquires and are beginning to see a lot of new people joining our community channels. This tells us that our message was heard and the Thunderclap was in fact a succesful tool to introduce Shadow to a wider audience.

- 200+ active members on Slack and IRC
- 400+ addresses with a balance greater than 1000 SDC
- Close to 10,000 views on our promotional video
- 2,500+ unique visitors per month on

This would not have been possible without a strong community to back us and so we would like to thank everybody who participated and signed up for the Thunderclap!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Over the past weeks a total of 4417.07496659 SDC has been donated into this contest address. Now that our Thunderclap is completed it is time to announce 5 lucky winners who joined the Thunderclap contest by donating their social reach to #FightForPrivacy. This amount will be split between 5 people who we have randomly picked using our bot, Rutherford II, yesterday at 8:00PM GMT+1. We have extended his skill set to include lottery hosting, among the already broad skill set he has gathered during his short time with us. We exported the list of Thunderclap participants as a .csv file and modified it a bit by removing 3 team member entries. Rutherford read this file, picked 5 random winners, and another 5 names as a backup. The bot then posted the results on our IRC and Slack channels. Starting today, we will be contacting the winners asking for their SDC addresses.

On behalf of the Shadow team we would like to congratulate:

- David Mah 883.23297722 SDC
- Erigil Martin 883.23297722 SDC
- Mr.Paul 883.23297722 SDC
- maxvolts 883.23297722 SDC
- GartnerGarden 883.23297722 SDC

*Please note that the winners are required to reply through the same channel within 7 days, or we’ll contact the next one on the backup list.

ShadowMarket Developer Q&A Closed

As most of you probably know, last month we started a developer Q&A to provide an opportunity for non-developers, end users and community members to ask questions about the soon-to-be-released ShadowMarket directly to some of the developers responsible for writing the code. Now that the Q&A has ended we have gathered 30 unique questions through various communication channels like BitcoinTalk, ShadowTalk, Twitter, Slack and IRC. Today, we have forwarded all questions to the Shadow development team directly. They will try to answer all of your questions so they can share their vision on the first truly anonymous decentralized marketplace. We will soon post all comments and answers on our website and wiki page. Please keep in mind that ShadowMarket is still under development, so we may not be able to answer all of your questions just yet.

Have a great day!

The Shadow Team