Community Update

Update: Tuesday, May 26 2015


New Shadow PR Campaign Started!

After the success of our #FightForPrivacy campaign on Thunderclap our PR team has been looking for new ways to generate more exposure for the Shadow project. With the upcoming release of ShadowMarket, we believe now is a good time to start making some noise and let the world know about the anonymous economy we’re building.

Last week, we hired a Bitcoin PR firm ( and used one of their premium press release services to send out our first press release. Like us, they are seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts and have over two years of experience in Bitcoin marketing specifically. They now share our mission to spread the word about our revolutionary Shadow project to individuals and businesses worldwide. With their help, we aim to achieve the following results:

  • Google News coverage.
  • Yahoo Finance coverage.
  • Publish our press release at 200 online news outlets and as many Bitcoin news websites as possible.
  • Tweet our press release to 40 000+ highly-targeted Bitcoin Twitter followers.
  • Syndicate our press release through 1 000+ online RSS feed monitoring and publishing services.
  • Distribute our press release to every mainstream global news distribution service (Associated Press, Lexis Nexis, Factiva, Comtex, ProQuest, Market Watch, Gale, Thomson West and Acquire Media).
  • Submit our press release to 40 000+ relevant media outlets (newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, bloggers).
  • Publication on at least 5 top tier media outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Business Journal, Chicago Tribune, San Fransisco Chronicle, CNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wall Street Journal.
  • 15 000+ views on our promotional video (
  • 5 000+ unique visitors per month on

Beyond all of the above, we may also be published on Bloomberg Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk, and many more outlets online. Please keep in mind though, it is up to these outlets whether or not they publish our press release — we will try our very best, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee publication on all of these platforms.

PR Report

Below you will find a list of sites that have already published our first press release, we expect to see a lot more results this week.

You can also track all progress live on Twitter (keep scrolling down to May 20):

As our technology advances and progress is made towards the initial release of ShadowMarket, we will be sending out new press releases to many high-quality, high-traffic mainstream media outlets. Until then we will keep both this post and our press page up to date with all the latest publications.

Best regards,

The Shadow Team