Happy hunting!

Shadow Introduces Bounty and Bug Program!

According to Linus’ Law, “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”. That’s one of the reasons why Shadow’s source code is publicly available; but merely making the source code available doesn’t accomplish anything if people don’t read it!

For this reason, Shadow has introduced a series of bug bounties. Similar to the bounties offered by Mozilla and Google, Shadow bug bounties provide an opportunity for people who find bugs to be compensated. Unlike those programs, however, Shadow’s bounties are not limited to security vulnerabilities.

Depending on the type of bug and when it is reported, different bounties will be awarded. All bounties are paid out in SDC, at the 3-day average of each to a fixed US Dollar value.

Happy hunting!

The Shadow Team,

Rynomster (lead developer)

Credit to the general structure of this program as well as much of the wording goes to Counterparty and Tarsnap.