Shadow Development Cycles

As you all know, we've been through a couple of massive development cycles. Each have come with the own challenges... A hard fork here and there, OS libraries / dependencies working differently on each OS, as well as allot of personal issues that seem to arise.

This is my first blog post... I think its about time I write something, so i thought lets talk about reducing our development cycles. Instead of pushing for massive goals, we should spend more time in planning and breaking them down. The problem with this is our development team is tiny, so we usually just split up the work, say you do this, I'll do that, etc... We work well together as is, but we tend to leave the community hanging for months at a time.

In order to reach our goals of shorter development cycles, we do need to be allot more active with the community, in order to get more regular testers, as well as more technical input. We also need people who can manage projects effectively. If you feel you have what it takes to manage a project of this scale, and are willing to contribute some time, please let us know!

I think the blog gives us a platform to communicate more effectively with our audience, you - the community :) I'm looking forward to writing more posts, but for now, I'm getting back into our awaited release! :D