Development Update: Shadow v1.3.3.5 Release

It’s time for another update. This release is mainly fixes, and some minor enhancements, everything we thought was critical, that we needed to get out asap. There will be more to follow, but check out for the full list of changes, but here's the gist of it:

v1.3.3 Bug fixes and Enhancements

  • CORE-17: Key Management > Restore (does not default to BIP44)
  • CORE-18: Transactions not updating on Main/Transaction Page after Import
  • CORE-23: Key Management > New Key (does not default to BIP44)
  • CORE-32: New Key (generate External + Stealth Address default
  • CORE-21: Log File debug messages
  • Reloadanondata starts scanning from block 257000, when ShadowSend v2 was released, saves some time.
  • Importprivkey now allows additional parameter, which is a timestamp for when the key was created, improves rescanning.
  • Update to miniupnp 1.9.20150810
    This fixes a buffer overflow in the XML parser during initial network discovery.
    Details can be found here:
  • QtWebKit static, we now support static binaries again!
  • Added new seed nodes
  • Rename Key Management -> Add Account, Misleading
  • OSX Gitian files - we now support OSX cross compilation
  • Sendtoaddress crashing when wallet is encrypted

Shadow Market Update

A lot of you are wondering what's happening with our Market Place, and I'm happy to say we are moving in the right direction. We've been working on our 2 party escrow, which makes fraud unprofitable, without any middle man. Bitmarkets happen to have a very good explanation of 2 party escrow at, check it out.

Our fee structures for messages and MP posts will be as follows for now:
0.2 SDC per 4KB per 2days, so posting a 4KB listing for 4 days will be 0.4 SDC, just as an 8KB ad for 2 days will be 0.2 SDC. Updates to MP listings, will cost 0.05 SDC, and will not add any duration to the listing.

The fees will go towards those supporting the network, and included in the next block found by people staking. We will still support free messages on the network, but we will be limiting them to 10 messages / client / minute, and limiting the size of the free messages to 512 bytes. This will be done in order to reduce abuse and attacks on the ShadowChat side of things.

We will be filtering out a list of keywords in listings, as to keep the main market place tree clean. Our category tree will be built on a HD Wallet key, which everyone will be able to enable / disable certain categories / trees in the category structure, thereby only subscribing to categories that you would be interested in.

The owner of the listing will broadcast the ad to the relevant category in the market place, which will all be automated in the backend, so users will not have to worry too much about this. Because it is more like a classified ad system, users will be able to decide on their categories, but in order to keep the market place clean, we are looking at ways to give people incentive for administering the system. Ways in which we could do this, is to allocate a certain portion of the market place listing fees to those voting on the listings.

Bear in mind we are writing from the ground up, leaving room for improvement, as I'm sure the development of Shadow Market will be continuous, just as with Shadow itself. We will most likely be eliminating issues with our voting mechanism, and improving upon it throughout the alpha testing phase, where our public voting mechanism will be decided on.

In order to get the best decentralized market place, we are going to require loads of participation, so we are really hoping that we will at some stage attract more developers, but for now our focus is to get to a point where we can start testing.

Last but not least!,

v1.3.3.5 downloads

Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit
Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit
Source Code

I would just like to personally thank everyone in the community and team for getting us to where we are today, and for always helping us move forward :)

The Shadow Project
Rynomster (lead developer)