Development Update: Shadow v1.3.3.6 Release

Every now and then we get put on a flat spin panic when things go wrong... dasource and I have been chasing a strange issue for the past few days, where sometimes anonymous transactions would get through, othertimes not. It was a rather strange issue, where if a new ringsig transaction got into the mempool, the block could be mined, but not accepted by peers, unless those peers already tried to get the transaction into a block. It ultimately caused a nasty fork.

We managed to track it down eventually, but any peers that may have gotten this transaction into their mempool will currently be on the wrong chain. The fork happened at block 615761. If you happen to be about 100 blocks behind, chances are you're on the wrong fork. There are a few ways to get onto the correct chain, best being:

scanforalltxns 600000  

If that doesn't work:

shadowcoind reloadanondata  

You an also rewindchain to before the fork.

shadowcoind rewindchain <current height - 615761>  

v1.3.3.6 Downloads

Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit
Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit
Source Code

I'd like to thank all of those who helped out today.

The Shadow Project
Rynomster (lead developer)