Development Update December

It’s time for another development update to bring you up to speed with all the progress we’ve made over the past month. Because, as always, we want to be up front with you - our community. Even though the past weeks have outwardly been rather quiet, everyone has been working very hard on their projects, which means we’ll soon have a lot more exciting news to share! For now, we’d like to share a few short updates and announcements from the team.
As we’ve reported previously, for the past few weeks our development efforts were mostly focused on ShadowMarket. The last weeks have not been different. We made huge progress with ShadowCore’s new GUI, I2P support and ShadowMarket’s back-end and are completing final testing before the ShadowMarket alpha release.
Detailed documentation for every new component will be added to our documentation site and will be expanded after the official release.

ShadowMarket v1 (Alpha)

We’re starting a small closed Alpha of ShadowMarket very soon and have set up a topic on ShadowTalk where users can sign up for an invite. The first test round is limited to a small number of participants. It is also mostly for developers. We have some very specific reasons for this as it’s a crucial learning opportunity for our team. If you think you are up for the task do not hesitate to ask for an invite in this topic. We’d appreciate it if you could let us know who you are, your relevant experience and how you can help us.
Of course, we wish we could have you all join in regardless of your skillset. That said, Alpha is just the beginning and there will be many more opportunities to help us test before we launch. When Alpha testing is done, we plan to do one or two correction rounds, after which we will launch a public Beta where everybody can join. We are all very excited and can’t wait to get our hands on test data and feedback from all of the users.

I2P and Tor support

Some of our team members took the liberty of implementing I2P into the Shadow platform. This hides the fact that you’re using the Shadow client and obfuscates your IP address. A malicious attacker will not be able to see that you’re running a Shadow client because it’s encapsulated through multiple layers of encryption before reaching it’s destination. This also hides your IP address from the other Shadow nodes. Most of the work is already done, we have based ourselves on the I2P base of and it has been implemented in a branched off version of Shadow’s core. Currently it works on both the shadowcoind(daemon) and the Shadow (graphical interface), we plan to implement a new options menu in the graphical interface allowing users to manage these features in an easy way. The next phase will involve a lot of testing, we will make sure to keep you updated on all progress.

New developer website

We’ve launched a new website called The website is dedicated to providing more technical information about the Shadow project whilst bolstering Shadow’s online presence. gives a good technical overview of the project for the public, but is mainly focused on developers (in cooperation with ShadowDocs). It features up-to-date information and an introduction to Shadow, current roadmaps, tips, how to get involved and more. is an independent open source project with contributors from around the world. Final publication authority is held by the co-owners, but all regular activity is organized through the public pull request process and managed by the site co-maintainers. You can report any problem or help to improve on GitHub by opening an issue or a pull request in English. When submitting a pull request, please take the time to discuss your changes and adapt your work.

New documentation and tutorials

The documentation team is updating the current documentation to help users navigate through the various features available in ShadowCore. We have updated our documentation section with new information about Shadow’s features and use cases, as well as with new user tutorials. More up to date text and video based tutorials will be added as we move along.

What’s next?

Our next development update will include an updated and improved GUI for ShadowCore (GUI 2.0) and the release of ShadowMarket v1 testnet (Alpha). Our team is working around the clock to finish everything before the end of this year.

That summarizes the development updates for this week. If you have any questions regarding recent or upcoming changes you can contact through IRC, SLACK or via our forum or github. As always, we thank you for being part of our growing community. You have shown an unbelievable amount of excitement and dedication and we look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Best regards,
The Shadow Team
Rynomster (lead developer)