Development Update March - Phoenix v1.4.0.2 Our community members have asked us to give short weekly updates so everyone can have an idea what we are up to and in which direction we are heading. So here we are again, with a small update and some new download links that everyone should install as soon as possible.

There is a new phoenix wallet update with version number It has some enhancements to the block organization which needed some fine tuning. Please make sure you have the latest client ( installed before the hardfork on block 783000.

Download links available on github

We are in process of notifying the exchanges to make the transition as smooth as possible. Bittrex will most likely be the first exchange to be on the updated wallet but the rest will surely follow.

Software development:

Rynomster is now working full time on the decentralized market and is making great progress. The alpha release is right around the corner, we just need to finish up the last few issues.

The new UI2 is getting its final touches and some additions by crz. Taking into account the upcoming mobile wallet, the new UI is built to work on every screen size.

Community development:

Ampersand and code have started a Business Development Plan for our decentralized cryptocurrency-based market on Slack. Please feel free to join the conversation and contribute to the Slack channel #businesslounge

More people are getting involved in the Shadow Project and others have shown an interest to join. Once the alpha version of the market has been released, we plan on contacting a cryptographer to review and test our code, maybe even become part of the project.

The main website and our blog were temporarily down because of server issues. They have been resolved and some additions have been made such as:
1. Updated roadmap on the website
2. Press articles from prominent journalists have their own image

Side notes:

It is a great honor that ShadowCash has been mentioned in Science Magazine and it feels good to see us getting the media attention we deserve. Science Magazine is probably one of the best and most recognized magazines in the world of science.

We have much more planned so stay tuned for the next update. These updates will be on a more regular so everyone remains in the loop.

Best Regards,
The Shadow Team

Download links available on github