Development Update March - Phoenix v1.4.0.3 Our community members have asked us to give short weekly updates so everyone can have an idea what we are up to and in which direction we are heading. So here we are again, with a small update and some new download links that everyone should install as soon as possible.

Download links available on github

There is a new phoenix wallet update with version number It has some enhancements to make sure all the nodes are sharing their IP addresses correctly.

Software development:

The nodes ran into a bit of a trouble when sharing IP addresses which caused a lot of people to have a low node count. We have also upped the version number which will kick off all the nodes that are or below! To give the wallet a more clear look we've upgraded our clearwallettransactions command to have an extra parameter.

clearwallettransactions true : this will clear all the wallet transactions, reload them and remove the unaccepted stakes caused by orphan blocks.

Community development:

The documentation has continued growing in the development branch which is viewable at . All the empty sections have been scratched because it just looked bad. A lot of details about the ShadowMarket and its working have been added.

Because of the recent transitioning to PoSv3 it has come to our mind to delve a bit deeper into dedicated stake boxes. We found that the Raspberry Pi is an absolute leader in this case, and we've been able to get Shadow to run on it. There is still some thinkering and programming necessary to tailor it to the Pi and that's why we're reaching out to our community to help us a hand. If you have a Raspberry Pi then join us on Slack on the channel #raspberrypi !

On the other hand ShadowCash experienced a nice rise in price and the volume kicked up a notch. We were all caught a bit off guard by this suprise, but it was very pleasing to see nonetheless.

We have much more planned so stay tuned for the next update. These updates will be on a more regular so everyone remains in the loop.

Best Regards,
The Shadow Team

Download links available on github