Back on track!

Another great start of the month with lots of changes and improvements! We've given our lead developer Rynomster a bit of well deserved time off last week, but he's back to development again. The other team members didn't stand still, they have been busting their asses again in an effort to create the tools the community needs.

We're an open source project and like many others we need funding to keep the spirit up and continue our efforts. Our development fund is as sad as a dead puppy. We have kept up our development nonetheless, we'll get around but the pace at which it happens is partially up to you guys. The team is driven by a passion to improve the world and won't suddenly cease to exist because a lack of funding.

  • Official BTC donation address: 1GiosBkSpN8RS9pm1kgZU8AZUBEnLKYFem
  • Official SDC donation address: SdcDevWEbq3CZgZc8UNbST1TaYLA5vLZTS

If you have never donated, please consider doing so. If you don't have any money, consider actively contributing to our project. Hell, even popping by to have a chat and thank the team is the least you can do.

To those that have donated, contributed and keep our chat alive: you are the people that drive us and we thank you.

Without further or do, here is our development update.

Staking on the Raspberry Pi We've made loads of progress on the Raspberry Pi. This is very important in our mission to create a stable decentralized network with the most energy efficient devices. The first instructional tutorials are already on Slack and if you want to create your own Pi to stake ShadowCash then you should certainly join #raspberrypi on Slack to get the instructions. We hope to attract more creative people and have ambitions to create a way simpler solution to stake on a Pi.

For the sake of your own privacy and the network, we highly advice our community to connect your Raspberry Pi node to the Tor network with a proper configuration.

We'd like to take the time to thank a community member whose contributions haven't gone unnoticed. litebit is the one to thank for the instructions, he took it upon himself to create the tutorial. He has contributed many more tutorials and is a great member overall, thank you litebit!

Tor We take anonymity serious at the Shadow Project, that's why we're concerned about running Shadow through the clearnet.

Using Tor protects you against a common form of Internet surveillance known as "traffic analysis." Traffic analysis can be used to infer who is talking to whom over a public network. Knowing the source and destination of your Internet traffic allows others to track your behavior and interests. Learn more about Tor

We currently run all of the dual-stack nodes that "bridge" the clearnet and the darknet, the hidden services to add to your shadowcoin.conf file are as follows:




Click here for a tutorial to run Shadow through Tor on Linux

Please take the time to properly configure Tor such that your node runs its own hidden service. This allows the network to have a more decentralized model, if you don't take those extra steps then the network depends solely on our own nodes to propagate the blocks resulting in a slower network and more orphan blocks.

If you're going to run your Shadow node through Tor then don't hesitate to join our irc or slack channel. We'll be more than happy to assist you in creating the most anonymous and secure node.


Thanks to litebit and ludx we now have a sweet addition to our reddit header!
The box on the right shows the market capital, latest USD price and much more.


Another great achievement in our projects history is our wikipedia article that has been published recently, which contains a nice overview of the most critical parts.

If you have a minute or two you should certainly check it out here


A few minor changes have been made on Github, since that start of April we've moved our white papers there.

We've also discovered that Github now allows you to sign commits with a GPG Key creating a more secure deployment, a feature the development team will certainly make use of.

Best Regards,
The Shadow Team

Download links available on github