Paving the way.. It was about time that we wrote a small update on our recent progress. The decentralized marketplace is still in development, but a few team members decided to tackle side projects that are heavily intertwined with The Shadow Project.

We'd like to thank all the people who donated in response to the last update. We've gathered about $130 in funds to support development. While it isn't much, we are very grateful for the donators. Anyone who donated should hop on slack and the team will personally thank you for your contributions.

  • Official BTC donation address: 1GiosBkSpN8RS9pm1kgZU8AZUBEnLKYFem
  • Official SDC donation address: SdcDevWEbq3CZgZc8UNbST1TaYLA5vLZTS

If you have never donated, please consider doing so. If you don't have any money, consider contributing your time and experience to our project. Hell, even popping by to have a chat and thank the team is a nice gesture.

To those that have donated, contributed and keep our chat alive: you are the people that drive us and we thank you.

Shadow Installer

"With all great software, comes a great installer."

A quote by a wise old Chinese programmer.

We have always aimed to be an easy solution without having to make compromises in the field of security or privacy. Our goal was simple: create an installer that takes care of everything we believe is essential.


  • Secure deployment of software.
  • Automatically install and configure third party software such as Tor and I2P.
  • A clear interface that allows for dummy-proof installation.
  • Educate users about the risks and advantages of each component.
  • Support multiple operating systems.

The installer is currently in development but is already functional.

  • [✔] Basic interface [Linux, Windows, OS X]
  • [✔] Install Tor [Linux, Windows]
  • [✔] Download all files through Tor and HTTPS [Linux, Windows, OS X]
  • [✔] Install ShadowCash client [Linux, Windows, OS X]
  • [✔] Bootstrap the client through method [Linux, Windows, OS X]

Not done yet:

  • [✘] A beautiful interface.
  • [✘] Update mechanism for ShadowCash and Tor.
  • [✘] Automatically check files against signed checksums for increased security.
  • [✘] Implement a smarter way to start Tor on Windows, the service deployment is a bit buggy.

Side projects

A select group of the team is getting involved in incorporating ShadowCash into new and established projects, which are not directly operated by the Shadow Team but form a great symbiosis and will certainly have the potential to become important pieces of the ecosystem in the near future. We're very excited about these, but we want to have something to show for when we release the news.