A short message for the community..

Today’s blog post is not your typical development update but we would like to tell you a little bit about the upcoming Aphrodite release, which is the new code-name for the relase of GUIv2. Shadow already has a beautiful wallet but crz has been working extremely hard on the new design which will be smoother, sexier and more elegant than any wallet currently out there. Aphrodite has some new features under the hood which include an easier way to back up your existing wallet, more logical clicks and a killer feature which we simply call ShadowChat. This function is way more than a BitMessage type communication hub within the wallet but instead it is Shadow’s answer to Slack! Our current group chat will be replaced by our own beautiful, secure, private and decentralized solution.

Aphrodite will be the start of multiple roll outs. After the new GUI, Ryno is finally setting in motion the long-awaited testnet for Alpha release of the ShadowMarket. After Aphrodite, we will roll out two versions of the client.

The standard version is everything you know and love about ShadowCash. It has the wallet plus all the chat features. It will be your daily drive when it comes to private communications, group chats and updates about everything Shadow related.

The second version will also include the decentralized market and this will be the main feature upon starting software. It still has all the other features of the standard version but the market will be the pivotal focus. Those who want to concentrate on staking rather than buying and selling on the market would be fine with using the standard version.

We are also playing with the idea of plug-ins that allow existing website owners to be able to sell directly on the ShadowMarket.

Lastly, our lead developer Ryno will be giving an exclusive interview. We don’t have full details yet, but we are very excited. So if you want to know anything about Shadow, the Market, Aphrodite or how Ryno and the team loves their coffee, drop us a line at the forum and we’ll pick the best questions and submit them for the interview.

Stay tuned, because everything is certainly moving up a gear or two!


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