ShadowCash has returned to Coinomi (Android)

What is Coinomi?

It is an Android wallet with support for Bitcoin and tons of altcoins, including ShadowCash. You can download it in the Google Play Store or as an apk here.

Here is a preview of the wallet, it supports HD wallets and you can import your HD seed from the desktop client into it and vice-versa. It

For security reasons Coinomi does not support sending and receiving the anonymous token (SDT) so that balance won't show up. We decided to keep it this way because using lite wallets like these are not the most suited for maintaining anonymity. The most anonymous solution remains running an full node.

What happened?

We've been a part of the Coinomi wallet for ages, but some time ago a bunch of our servers got wrecked, mostly our Electrum servers. We make backups consistently so no important data was lost, just our Coinomi wallet broke.

Coinomi lives again!

We've had to make some changes to the Electrum server, but everything is cool now. We reconfigured our server and after a few days of indexing the blockchain, the service has returned better than ever.