Perfection is the child of time.


Thank you

Before we get into the details of anything, we'd like to say a little surprise "thank you" word to one of our team members.

This post is dedicated to crz for the tremendous mountain of work done by him so far. He's one of the pillars of the team; He was there through thick and thin, solely driven by passion and dedication to the project. True passion is a quality which you only find in handful of developers contributing to other cryptocurrency projects.

There are no words enough to express our gratitude towards crz. Only a badly photoshopped "employee of the month" image.

A fresh new look!

We're very close with the graphical interface, in fact we're a couple of styling issues away from being good enough for public testing. As some of you know, we like our GUI near perfection on release. We're not fond of having "half-working" functions in our interface like most software in testing.

Perfection is the child of time.

- Joseph Hall

Development takes time, and even more so when every release aims for near perfection.

At this moment, we feel comfortable releasing footage of the complete chat interface. We'd very much like feedback on what you see.

Click on the image below to let us know what you think on Slack!


A preview of the chat interface

A preview of the mobile chat interface

NodeJS plugin

We've released a NodeJS module called "shadowcash" which is an easy to use asynchronous API for communicating with shadowcoind/shadowcashd. This lowers the barrier of entry for programmers to join our ecosystem, we're hoping to see some cool chatbots and IoT integrations. Our decentralized end-to-end encrypted messaging system is a perfect fit for Internet-of-Things programmers to fiddle around with.

The first chatbot is a fact; Lurch will be able to exchange your bitcoins, shadowcash and a ton of other cryptocurrencies. The system currently runs through ShapeShift to provide enough liquidity but the final goal is to move to a self contained system.

With the release of the marketplace it will allow anyone to make "auto responders" that instantly respond to accepted orders. This is great for selling digital goods because the customers receives the product almost instantaneously. This will require the seller to run a full node 24/7 with the bot software.

Interview with Ryno (preview)

There's also a little preview on the interview with our lead developer. The full interview will be available later.

  • BTC donation address of crz: 1o4nzUUXTDEGXCtEJomoyM1irn8Uxfg1D
  • SDC donation address of crz: SbMvzNDrYJLWTYMMBeozZWfiv9QPUjGSWm