Our Second Anniversary - A year in review!


Today, 19th of July, is the day of Shadow's inception. Two years ago we started this endeavor and we're proud to be able to say that we're still going strong. Altcoins come and go, but Shadow is here to stay.

At the time of creation we didn't realize what kind of journey we had started, but I can assure you that none of us expected it to still be working on it, nearly two years later!

It's unbelievable what this team has accomplished in merely one year, it's been a rough ride with ups and downs but nonetheless we loved doing it.

We also want to thank all our contributors and community members, it has been a pleasant year with many good contributions and conversations!

If you have some free time, join our channel and drink a beer with us :)

Development note: GUI 2.0 will be released very soon. We're working overtime, often to early in the morning to iron out all the small issues. Chat GUI has had major UX improvements and required nearly a full rewrite of the code. Stay tuned for more news on the release.

A year in review

10th of July 2015 - Bounty and Bug Program

One year and 9 days ago we introduced our bounty and bug program as an incentive for researcher and developers to review our code for possible security flaws.

Since then numerous bugs have been reported, most of the bug hunters have done these free of charge. Other more serious and intrinsic bugs have been rewarded appropriately.

15th of September 2015 - Shadow blog

We launched this very blog, using Ghost. Since then we have been actively writing our updates on here.

First of October 2015 - HD wallets and Improved Ring Signature

We're dramatically improved our ring signature protocols efficiency and introduced HD wallets. Preventing coin loss and giving us a great base to work with.

8th of October 2015 - Cross compilation and Documentation

We started working on our docs which have expanded vastly over the year. Cross compilation to support multiple operating systems was also introduced.

22th of October 2015 - Static QtWebKit builds and bugs fixes

We finally managed to compile QtWebKit statically, this allowed us to include everything we need to run Shadow into one file.

7th of December 2015 - A new website, more documentation and upcoming I2P support

We added a new developer website which eventually turned into our official website. More work continued on our documentation and we started an I2P branch of Shadow.

14th of February 2016 - Deanonymized by a bug :(

We were told that there was a bug in our ring signature protocol, more specifically in our keyimages. This was a very painful moment but the markets held strong.

7th of March 2016 - We fixed the bug :) + lots more!

I think this was one of the biggest development updates, ever. We fixed that nasty bug and paid out the bounty. Loads of additional features made it into the backend, preparing for the market. This release also included PoSv3.

24th of March 2016 - Raspberry Pi and documentation

Because of the new PoSv3 there was a need for continuous staking, so we made efforts to make Shadow compatible with the Raspberry Pi. Tutorials and documentation was created for this purpose.

7th of April 2016 - Wikipedia article and reddit makeover

The long awaited wikipedia article was published and our reddit has a sweet design makeover!

18th of April 2016 - More work on the installer

We drew some mock ups of the installer, and wrote the whole backend for it in NodeJS.

5th of May 2016 - Microsoft Azure

We got accepted into Microsoft Azure, you can now deploy a node with a single click.

30th of May 2016 - Trello community hub, start group chat development

We got ourselves a community hub to gather more and better input, we also started working on a group chat implementation.

First of May 2016 - GUI 2.0 preview, NodeJS plugin and interview with Ryno

Previews of the GUI 2.0 were released!

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