Protect the fortress - Dev Update [2 December]



Welcome to our December update. Since our last post we have covered a lot of ground, hence the lack of communication. We have made several improvements to our platform and have been planning some major changes to the project as a whole. Over the last few months, we have seen greater support and excitement surrounding the project than we could of imagined. As a team we have been discussing some pivotal changes we would like to make to ensure this project gets the exposure and support it needs to be the best decentralized marketplace & privacy platform. We have come a long way from the beginning, but we still have a long way to go to get it into the hands of people all around the world.

While we are currently in the planning phase of these changes, there are a few things we know need to take immediate priority. One of these priorities is building out and structuring the team in a more efficient and official manner. This should drastically help each developer, and the team as a whole, complete tasks, fix bugs, and push updates much easier. Bugs and issues are now managed on GitHub itself, anyone can participate.

The king has returned!

There has been a lot of internal discussion about the future ahead and how to get there. Several ideas are floating around and we're all putting our brains together to find the optimal situations. A few members of the team have been busy this month meeting with outside advisors on the best steps forward, and we will divulge more information on this in the near future. As a team, we all agree that in order to build a world-class platform we need to recruit top talent and bring on expert advisors. So the process starts now.

With that said, we are happy to announce Tecnovert has recently rejoined the team in order to inspect the codebase and explore the possibilities and estimate timeframes for several new features. For those not familiar, Tecnovert helped create Shadow when it first launched and knows his way through the code very well. There is no developer better fit for the task at hand. We have a rough estimate on the necessary budget to sustain the development and are in the midst of planning out a sustainable method for funding. We will touch more on this in the near future as well.


We have recently made our new graphical user interface fully open source. This allows other developers with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to help a hand with issues and improvements.

We have also opened up the tracking of issues to the public, improve contributors guidelines and quality assurance.

All users who make use of the chat have to upgrade to Old clients (< will not be able to receive messages sent from and upward. A security improvement was made to the message verification scheme; namely the IV is now also included in the HMAC hash such that it can not be tampered with in transit.

a german interface Translations have arrived! There is now translation support for nearly all phrases and for a majority of all the supported languages. A few phrases are still English by default but those will be changed as they are found.

Note: You can change the language in the options menu.

You can join our translation effort on Transifex!

an overview of umbra academy As some of you may know we have recently launched and bootstrapped our own wikipedia. This has been done by allien and he has created the only well-organized wikipedia in the entire universe. Anyone can easily edit and create pages to share their knowledge. It will remain in active development and will most likely become the main hub for our documentation.

Click here to visit our wiki

Support our Wiki with SDC!


A new checkbox "enable messaging" has been added to the wallet unlock screen, now you can unlock your wallet for staking and message at the same time. Previously you had to unlock the wallet fully before being able to send or receive a message.

Encrypted wallets are now able to stake without relocking from the command line. This is especially useful on raspberry pi's and other staking devices where the terminal is the preferred way of operating.

./shadowcoind walletpassphrase yoursuperlongpasswordhere 0 true

When viewing a message sent in a chat message you will now see this image first, preventing the leakage of the IP address to third party servers. Additional work is planned to route images loaded in the GUI over the proxy for enhanced privacy and security.

  • Improved estimate anon fee (work in progress)
  • Some code clean up, remove json from messaging bridge
  • datadir parameters
  • various bug fixes


We now have a docker image with Tor support, created by community member 6ea86b96! It's pretty neat and does the tedious process of setting up the Tor config for you, with additional security features to protect against known fingerprinting attacks and network analysis attacks against static onion addresses. When restarting the docker, a fresh new onion address is generated as a security measure.

Running UMBRA over Tor hides the IP addresses from the network, and offers greater privacy. We advice all users to set this up, join IRC or Slack if you want to do this, we will gladly help. A tutorial documenting this will be available soon.

Download the docker files here!